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Fire Department

New Virginia Fire and Rescue Department


The New Virginia Fire & Rescue Department is staffed by volunteers who share their time, talents and energy.  They provide fire protection and rescue services to aid the sick and help the injured of our community, as well as those who travel through it.  New Virginia Fire & Rescue Department covers the town of New Virginia, as well as all or portions of Virginia Township, Squaw Township, and Jackson Township in Warren County and a portion of Fremont Township in Clarke County.  They respond with integrity and serve with compassion.  

New Virginia Fire Department Officers  

Fire Dept life flight.jpg

Fire Chief

Asst. Chief 

2nd Asst. Chief

Fire Captain

Fire Lieutenant 

Rescue Captain

Rescue Lieutenant 


911 Board 

911 Board 


Jake Zuercher

Mike Bethards

Brent Baughman

Dave Schafer

Shane Blackford

Mike Spurling

Dani Holtry

Heidi Watson

Jake Zuercher

Dave Schaefer

Fire Dept Vehicles.jpg

  The Fire Department meets at the Fire Station on the last Sunday each month at 7:00 pm.

If you have any questions please email the Department at  

New Virginia Fire Department Application & Background Check Form.  

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