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The Tri-Corner-Express is New Virginia's local monthly newspaper, run completely by volunteers.


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Please send articles, advertisements, and any question or concerns to tricorner@newvirginia.com.  If you are interested in helping out with the paper in any way, please let us know!


Tri-Corner-Express Ad Prices


The Tri-Corner-Express ad prices are as follows. Please email us your ad at tricorner@newvirginia.com or drop off your ad in the drop box located outside of The Hen House- West Street New Virginia, IA.

2 x 2 : $15.00

2 x 3 1/2 : $25.00

3 x 4 : $40.00

5 x 7 : $75.00

Half Page : $150.00


Thank You's, Birth Announcements, Birthdays, and Anniversaries: 0 - 50 words = $5.00, 51 - 100 words = $10.00, $0.10 per word over 100 words $5.00, for each photo.


Obituaries and Weddings (Including one photo): $25.00

Additional photo(s) $5.00 each

The Tri-Corner-Express paper is mailed free to anyone who lives in the Interstate 35 CSD or Martensdale - St. Mary's CSD.  If you live in either of these two distrist and you are not currently receiving this paper please email us at tricorner@newvirginia.com.  If you would like to receive a subscription to our local paper the cost is $15.00/year.  Please mail the subscription fee to Tri-Corner-Express PO Box 302 New Virginia, Iowa 50210.  If you have any questions please call Jennifer Baughman at 641-449-3492.